"I was a complete tomboy growing up. I made the best mud pies, loved insects, and got extremely upset when my grandmother curled by hair for my first grade school picture!  Who knew I would be the biggest beauty guru? Lipstick is my absolutely favorite beauty item (naked lips are not for me)!

"What changed my viewpoint? Boys."

"Makeup is a way for women to feel prettier and more confident."

Lisa's love affair with makeup has turned into over 20 years of successful working relationships developed through determination and creativity with some of the top leaders in the beauty industry. During several years of business travels, Lisa clearly saw the demand for the busy woman to experience brands not found in everyday department stores.

One of the many talents Lisa possesses is in making women feel good about their purchases, listening carefully to exactly what the client is looking for. Lisa also has the virtue of being able to quickly adapt to the needs and desires of other various cultures.

As a single parent, Lisa encourages her children to see success being built with a "just make it happen", "no excuses" attitude, forming a well thought-out vision of the next generation.


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